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Smooth and Refreshing

Reina Kefir

Low in fat, Rich in protein, With vitamins B6-B12 and No added sugars

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Benefits of kefir


As a probiotic-rich food, it helps to regenerate the intestinal microbiota.


It contains nutrients that help protect immune system cells.


High in calcium, it also contains bioactive compounds that help absorb calcium and stop bone degeneration.


By strengthening our immune system, kefir helps to reduce certain allergic reactions.


Blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

What is Kefir?

Where does Kefir come from?

Milk kefir is one of the oldest known dairy products, having been consumed for thousands of years, and its origin can be traced back to the Caucasus Mountains. It is a fermented product made from a complex mixture of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts.

In ancient times, nomadic tribes in the Balkans transported milk in leather sacks and over time, they noticed that small solid fragments appeared inside. These fragments turned out to be coagulated milk which, when mixed again with fresh milk, formed a new white, spongy composition: kefir granules.

Soon after its discovery, the consumption of kefir became widespread thanks to its many health-giving properties, its delicious carbonated texture and its characteristic taste. In fact, it is said that the origin of the word "kefir" comes from the name "Keif", which in Caucasian languages means "well-being" or "feeling good", a sensation experienced when it is ingested, and which also carries the connotation of a blessing to the giver.

It is known for its health benefits, including digestive and immune health, when produced from probiotic bacteria.


Reina Kefir

Because it has such a complex composition of bacteria, yeasts, vitamins and minerals,

it can help our bodies in many different ways.

Beneficios del kéfir

Puede ayudar a equilibrar y regenerar tu flora intestinal. Como alimento rico en probióticos, ayuda a regenerar el microbiota intestinal, en desequilibrio por: una mala dieta, el uso de medicamentos… El Kéfir, puede ayudar a luchar contra enfermedades gastrointestinales, así como, mejorar la digestión.


Puede fortalecer tu sistema inmunitario. Con su alto contenido en probióticos, y en particular de lactobacillus, puede ayudar a defender nuestro organismo de bacterias dañinas e inhibir su crecimiento.


Ayuda a fortalecer tus huesos. Kéfir, tiene un alto contenido en calcio, rico en vitamina B12, además de compuestos bioactivos, que ayudan a absorberlo y detienen la degeneración ósea.

Ayuda a proteger el organismo de toxinas y alergias  y fortalecer nuestro sistema inmunológico.

Ayuda a disminuir la presión arterial y las concentraciones de colesterol malo.